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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dwarf With An Axe

I wrote a Children's book last week. Which I'm very excited about, I've been wanting to Illustrate a Children's book for years now, but I just wasn't coming up with any Ideas.
Then last week I had struck upon some inspiration and I wrote a 25–26 Illustration story.

The Story has Three Protagonists, and this is one of them. I drew quite a few iterations of "The Dwarf" until I finally got the look I wanted. It was just a little sketch, trying to figure out what he should look like, so he's a little expressionless and, I'm not exactly sure what he's doing.

I've been exploring different ways of Coloring my drawings, trying to figure out how to get "the look" that I imagine in my head onto the screen. This isn't exactly it—but it's a lot closer than my previous attempts.

(I know the image and composition are kind of dull, I was just working out what the character should look like)


HeidiPie said...

Lookin' good. Luke says he doesn't like him. Allie says she does. =)

orangemily said...

I like him!