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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lovecraftian Nightmare

I had this dream the other night. I was in an open air marketplace, like something out of Casablanca. On a fruit and/or vegetable stand there was what appeared to be a human head in a plastic bag. The plastic, of course, obscured the details.  I held up the bag, and ripped a hole in it to get a better look and it immediately came to life.

The eyes opened and it began to scream. It forced its way out of the bag. Now that it was out of the bag I could see that the face looked like the bottom of a cockroach and a face at the same time. The "dreadlocks" of the face, and the curled up "legs" of the cockroach were actually writhing tentacles. As this horrific creature screamed, another face would form in the mouth and then come out of the mouth a fully formed identical monster, which would then begin to scream and duplicate itself in the same manner.

It was filling the street fast, and for some reason there was a carnival style midway, It had one of those games where you shoot the scary clown in the mouth with a water gun and attempt to inflate a balloon past capacity. I picked up one of the water guns and sprayed one of the Tentacled, Cockroach Monsters in the mouth. This had a two-fold effect.

First, the thing stopped screaming. Then it actually merged with one of the creatures that had spewed forth from its mouth.

Soon, the exponentially massive cockroach/face monster was back down to a single ugly mug—the dream ended shortly after.

This is my attempt to capture the essence of the hideous creature.